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Chapter 3: Night SPent Looking. As the rain lashed down over

Kingdom Hearts: Encanto by Pegatrix Fury reviews. The team travels to a village in Colombia after hearing about a magical family that lives there. They befriend one of the Madrigals while helping her uncover the mystery surrounding her family's home. Rated: K - English - Family/Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,703 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 8 ...After saying that, she gave Antonio a hug, "Okay, you go play." Watching him leave with a large group of animals, Mirabel turned to Bruno and asked, "Can I have a hug, Tio?" "Sure, niña," he said before Mirabel hugged him, and his twitching rabbit ears The soft fluffy fur gave him a light and airy feeling. Her head rested on Bruno's shoulder ...She tried getting her family's help, but they were too busy with their responsibilities. It was Mirabel's quinceañera — her 15th birthday where she would be innitiated into womanhood — and nobody came. They all forgot. Well, except for Antonio. May I have this dance? is an Encanto fanfic by Sailor (king_mischief) that can be read on ...

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Alma opened the nursery door, hoping to listen to Mirabel’s explanation for disrupting the party and clear the air about her miscommunication, only to find her worst nightmare come to life: Mirabel raped and covered in blood.Based on "All Too Well (10 Minute Version)" by Taylor Swift. The next day was the slowest day in the world to Mirabel. She spent the whole day counting down the minutes until dinnertime. She was so excited for Max to meet the rest of her family. She was happy she still had things to do to keep her busy.Mirabel grabbed her ice cream with a depressed aura around her. We see her and Dolores sitting in a bench, Dolores was trying to cheer Mirabel up after having lost to Mariano. She sat down next to Mirabel* Dolores:you sang amazingly Mirabel. You have nothing to be ashamed off. Mirabel: thanks LoloIsabela Madrigal has a Fiance and five kids that she's kept a secret from everyone but Dolores. Her Triplet Boys Pablo, César, and Javier Madrigal and Her youngest daug... encanto. triplets. femoc. +4 more. Read the most popular encanto stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Isabela ruffles her hair gently, "Sweetie, you make the family proud, just by being who you are, or at least, you make me and Luisa proud. Our real gift was not being able to grow roses or lift buildings. Our real gift came to us when I was six and when Luisa was four. Our gift was you Mirabel, our baby sister.Someone who needed a loved one back just one more time. He was always needed. But not as Camilo. Ever since Casita had fallen and everyone was slowly rebuilding the house, Mirabel had made a point to remind the family that they were more than just their gifts. More than their miracles.Mirabel "Mamabel" Madrigal. Mirabel is the second mother of all the Encanto Village's kids 10 and under. It's not uncommon to see 10 kids following her along like ducklings as she sings and dances. When the Miracle starts breaking, Mirabel is in quite the predicament.Chapter 10. October 24th. Afternoon. Bruno had been gone a long time, a couple of hours. Several kind villagers braved the weather with umbrellas to deliver lunches to the church. The family sat on the pews to eat. Mirabel helped sort out the donated food so that everyone had their favorites.Mirabel Madrigal just wants to sleep peacefully. Too bad she has a two weeks old baby with her in her roo- in the nursery. " Antonio again" the girl muttered sleepily. "Feels like your here to take my place." The ten year old sighed as she got up to feed the whining baby in the crib.LEGO Ninjago (Cartoon 2011-2022), Encanto (2021) Welcome to the monastery of Spinjitzu. It's the home of the first Spinjitzu master, his three sons and his (seven) six grandchildren. Whenever you turn seven and you are related to the Spinjitzu family, you gain an elemental power.I always thought it a shame Mirabel didn't have any actual resolution to her failed door ceremony. Even got to relive it while supporting Antonio. I apologize in advance for the POV jumping - I can't help that there are so many kids and whatnot in this household lolMirabel Madrigal Needs a Hug. Isabela Madrigal Needs a Hug. After years of being ignored and fight with her sister Mirabel decided to run away at age 8 and eventually ended up at an orphanage and would go on to become a teacher. Her family believing she died, mourned her loss and were able to reform on there own.Depressed Camilo Madrigal. Starting three years after the events of canon, the Madrigal Family grows and grows, with new family members and gifts. The Family Madrigal gets closer and continues to heal from the cracks. This fic will span MANY years, chapters will be short or medium, but there will be MANY chapters.Mirabel Madrigal just wants to sleep peacefully. Too bad she has a two weeks old baby with her in her roo- in the nursery. “ Antonio again" the girl muttered sleepily. “Feels like your here to take my place." The ten year old sighed as she got up to feed the whining baby in the crib.It seemed like a miserable day for the Madrigals. It was the anniversary of Abeulo's death, an already somber day for the family. But despite the fact that they had Tío Bruno back in their midst, Camilo's family was in a stormy mood (his mother, quite literally). Right from the moment when he woke up, Camilo noticed the shift in everyone's mood.Apr 28, 2566 BE ... It will make sense. Julieta frowns as Mirabel hasn't arrived at breakfast yet, she is worried, she knows that Mirabel wasn't drunk last night, ...

Mirabel was only ten years old when her life changed forever, a vision and a fit of rage left her blind, scarred and alone. ... Depression. Suicide baiting. Self-harm. Suicidal thoughts and intentions ... of the miracle. His family was excited about moving to a place called Bogotá. He wasn't quite sure about leaving the Encanto but Bogotá ...What If: Mirabel was Banished? By: GoldenRose29. Bruno has shared his vision with the family. The Casita, destined to be destroyed all because of Mirabel and her lack of a gift. This, Abuela cannot allow. For the safety of the family, Abuela sends Mirabel to live on the far side of the Encanto, never allowing her the chance to be a Madrigal.Mirabel sits outside home, Once again to fate bemoan. … Of her kindred, without magic. A curse for her that's long been tragic. In mountains, beholds the storm, Its rain, like tears, flows forlorn. … Lightning crashes, thunder rolls, Mirrors tumult of her soul. Whispers the Encanto song, But no miracle shall come along. … The rain passes ...Dolores and Mirabel successfully kill Bruno in the barn, but not before he lands a lethal blow on Mirabel. Mirabel dies before she can get her vengeance on the rest of the Madrigal family, but quickly learns that she has the most unlikely ally in her goals. The man who died for the miracle, Pedro Madrigal himself.

Mirabel's Miracle By: PonderRose. Encanto/Luca crossover (with a few other Pixar movies too). Mirabel finally gets her miracle: she is able to open her bedroom door to anywhere in the world (can't control the location at first). And the first place she ever visits is Portorosso. She and Bruno team up to get Alberto home after he comes back to ...Sep 13, 2566 BE ... ... Mirabel M., Words: 7k+, Favs: 6, Follows: 7 ... AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, as an 'in between' project while I'm working on my Encanto ... sad' ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Sep 17, 2023 · The Sands of Time By: ENBYsa. Possible cause: Mirabel congratulated Antonio, the same as everyone else, and walked out to return to.

Feb 28, 2565 BE ... "What if I still feel sad?" Mirabel thought about it for a moment. Then pounced on the startled boy. "Then I'll tickle you until you pee!&quo...Mirabel Madrigal just wants to sleep peacefully. Too bad she has a two weeks old baby with her in her roo- in the nursery. " Antonio again" the girl muttered sleepily. "Feels like your here to take my place." The ten year old sighed as she got up to feed the whining baby in the crib.One evening, after dinner, Mirabel was sitting on the couch taking some deep breaths. For the past few days, she'd been having very infrequent and very irregular contractions. They didn't really hurt, but they were still uncomfortable. She figured she still had at least a week to go before the baby would come.

When her Gift ceremony goes horribly awry, young Mirabel Madrigal flees the Encanto towards a river. However, when a storm hits, she is swept away and loses her memories in the process. Fished out and raised by a kindly man named Pedro, Mirabel grows up in a small town not unlike the one she ran away from, blissfully unaware of the chaos that ...CW: mentions of physical abuse. Chapter 2. October 18th. Mirabel woke from a dream of Abuela's candle burning so hotly that it set Casita on fire with everyone trapped inside. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Ugh." Fumbling for her glasses and putting them on, she discovered everyone was waking up. She yawned.

Movies Encanto. The Wonder & The Miracle By: GeminiRose22. After Mirabel is killed by the falling Casita, Julieta has to come to terms with the fact that the miracle is gone, and therefore, so is her baby. In this process, she endures all five stages of grief. Casita Presents: Encanto By: Alex TsukinMirabel was ask by some parents to watch their ch After Mirabel is killed by the falling Casita, Julieta has to come to terms with the fact that the miracle is gone, and therefore, so is her baby. In this process, she endures all five stages of grief. "Her name is Mirabel Madrigal and she is my nie Four years after the events of the movie, Mirabel is going to have to face her future, leaving her with a decision of leaving or confronting her destiny, finding love on her own terms, on a dangerous journey that will unite or break her family for good. [A not so broken romance] "She's waking up," said one of the Herrera brothers. "Lucky for us. Julieta begged, trying to shove a morsel of a ciCHAPTER I. Breaking Point. Everything was gointhe man bellowed, getting up really close to Mirabel's fac Mirabel's stomach growled then, which was no surprise as Julieta had been cooking lunch for the two of them when Mirabel had asked her question - but Mirabel's reaction startled Julieta. Mirabel jerked away, panic flashing in her eyes before she clenched them closed, her whole body tight again, as if she was preparing to be attacked. "Mirabel ... Mirabel leaves, never to hurt her family again. A man s Her family didn't love the idea of them dating at first. Mirabel was 20 and Javi was 26. Her dad really didn't like the idea of them dating. But once her family actually met him and talked to him, they realized he was a great guy. He survived a Madrigal family dinner night and that was a miracle in itself!Crossover Pairings. Feeling ostracized by her magical family in the Encanto, Mirabel makes the heartbreaking decision to run away into the unknown. Lost and alone in the cold mountain wilderness, she is on the verge of giving up when a mischievous winter spirit named Jack Frost stumbles across her. Mirabel leaves the Encanto after Antonio's ceremony, gets[Casita Presents: Encanto By: Alex Tsukino. After a Pepa's cloud had become a full-on lightning storm, drenching The ripping sound echoed throughout Casita. Abuela followed the sound and came to see an incredibly guilty looking Mirabel laying down next to the ripped portrait. All hell broke loose. Shouting erupted in Casita. Julieta, Pepa, Agustin, and Felix dropped what they were doing in the kitchen to rush to see what was happening.It was Pepa and Luisa. Pepa winced at the nasty sunburn on her Sobrina's neck, feeling guilty that it was partially her fault. "Hey sis, mama saw the sunburn on your neck when you came home, she told me to bring you these," said Luisa, holding a plate of arepas. "Thanks," said Mirabel, grabbing one.